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    Product information
    Dispoable medical mask

    [Product model] : Flat lug type
    [Product specification] :175X95mm
    [Packing specification] :50 PCS/box
    [Main ingredients] 65% non-woven cloth, 35% melt-sprayed cloth
    [Implementation Standard] :YY/T0969-2013
    [Production License No.] : Lushi Drug Regulatory Apparatus Production permit 20120027
    [Technical Requirement Number] :Y2020031036
    3Ply Protection
    Leak Proof Non-woven Fabric(New Non-woven Fabric)
    Effectively Inhibit And Isolate Harmful Particles And Gases
    High Density Filter Layer(Fine Melt-blown Non-woven Fabric)
    Great Efficient At Filtering Out Fine Particles
    Direct Contact Skin L .ayer(New Non-woven Fabric)
    Moisture-proof, breathable,non-toxic,non-stimulating,soft And Skin-friendy
    EN 14683 Type l&II
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